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    About us

    RMB is a company which provides personal service to electrical and construction companies on German and Austrian market.

    Some constructions are bigger, some smaller, some may take from a few months up to a few years. During the construction, we follow the plan which is often difficult to accomplish due to many different changes and complications. Personal requirements on a construction may change rapidly. If You cooperate wth our company, You can find the solution on every personal request of Your constructions.

    We try our best to treat our customer:

    • Individually – Every customer is very unique for us, everyone has his/her own requests and needs which the other customers do not have. That is why we treat every person as individually as we can.
    • Flexibly – We offer personal support for as long as you need.
    • Professionally

    RMB is a company that operates in a field of residential, administrative, business and industrial electroinstallations. Our service includes all eletrical kinds of work from the small ones (like the repairs of outlet spur, change of breakers, etc.) to extensive installations of cable systems. Our professional electricians with a long-term practice in this field are the guarantee of a high-quality service in all steps of an eletrician.


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    +421 949 763 987